September 2017 Update

September 2017

Spotlight on Board Member: Scott Ulvi
Mr. Scott Ulvi has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Triumph Enterprises since the company was founded in 2005. He is responsible for ensuring Triumph’s overall success and setting performance standards for the organization.

His more than 30 years in the federal contracting industry have enabled him to effectively create a vision for the company’s future. Scott is responsible for communicating the organization’s strategic direction in a clear, engaging and exciting way to all stakeholders.

Surrounded by a highly competent senior team, he makes certain that Triumph’s leadership maintains constant awareness of the external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for expansion, clients, markets, and new industry developments and standards. His commitment to continuous improvement promotes a sustainable and evolving business environment for all Triumph employees.

Scott created Triumph to challenge the status quo of the federal professional services contracting industry and has invested heavily in developing a culture that values our clients, our employees, and our community. He manages the company’s culture — a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and behaviors that characterize the company and are necessary to maximizing business performance.

He is an active member of the Board of Directors for the Council for Educational Change, and has also been a part of the Tampa Bay Focus Group. Currently he is heading the Ad Hoc Development Committee. Scott also supports the PASS program at Sandy Lane Elementary.

Leonard Miller Principal Leadership Award Applications Open
Each year, the Council for Educational Change presents the Leonard Miller Principal Leadership Award to a principal who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, involved the parents and community, and raised the academic performance of the students. Raising the academic performance is not necessarily related to the school grade. It can be measured by such things as an increase in the graduation rate, the percentage of students in a grade level or subject area showing improvement, or in learning gains. Applications are now being accepted for this prestigious award from principals who have ever participated in a Council program. The application can be found on the Council’s website: The $10,000 award is presented to the principal for personal use.

PASS© and Executive PASS©
Statewide Sponsors: Raymond James Financial and Publix Super Markets Charities

  • The "back to school buzz" was certainly in the air at Tech Data Corporation over the past month. Employees actively challenged each other by department to bring in supplies to stuff backpacks for their Executive PASS school, High Point Elementary. Tech Data requested grade specific supply lists from the teachers so that the backpacks would be loaded with the perfect materials to start the new school year. Employees worked over a two day period to stuff the backpacks and organize them by grade level, including Pre-K, for a truck delivery to the school. The High Point staff joyfully greeted them as they bestowed this generous gift for each and every student. Surplus materials were donated to the school for future use. Tech Data is also helping the school celebrate its rise to a B school grade by advertising it via their rolling promotions and kudos on TVs throughout the business campus and lobby. This partnership is surely a shining star in Pinellas County.
  • The Foundation for New Education Initiatives, the Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel Charitable Fund, and other external partners, will support the mission of the HM&B Brownsville Middle School Law Academy. This partnership will enhance a culture of achievement and excellence through academic growth centered around a legal studies curriculum and existential learning experiences in a 21st century mock trial courtroom. As mentors in this program, HM&B and its external partners will cultivate the students’ abilities to think critically, communicate effectively, and tip the scales of justice to create a community of equality.
  • On August 19th, more than 150 students and their parents from Wynwood's Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School (which serves four homeless shelters in the area) gathered in the school's cafeteria to receive school supplies for the upcoming school year. To make the event interactive, the school supplies were laid out on tables and students went through an assembly-style line to pick up school supplies to put in their backpacks. The event is an initiative supported by the Council. At Eneida M. Hartner, the Council partnered Marivel Andreu, Managing Director of Celedinas Insurance Group, with the school's principal Dr. Derick McKoy. Working together with the principal, Ms. Andreu created the backpack program to help families in need. This is the third year they have organized the event.
  • Broward County has an exciting new Executive PASS partnership. Carla Hart, Principal of Larkdale Elementary is teaming up with Kenneth M. Krasnow, Executive Managing Director and Market Leader/ South Florida of Colliers International.
  • PASS School Carver Middle will be receiving $100,000 thanks to the City of Delray Beach and its mayor, Cary Glickstein. For this donation, the School Board recognized Mayor Glickstein during the August Board meeting. The funds are intended to further the school’s magnet program and provide additional professional development to the teachers, while also providing instructional technology, a summer academic enrichment program between Carver Middle and Orchard View Elementary School, programming to increase students’ achievement, parent involvement, and student and teacher incentives.

New Council Programs
Two new initiatives are being launched this month as a result of Council partnerships. Both are designed to ensure that students graduate from high school, college and career ready. For information about these initiatives, call the Council for Educational Change office at (954) 727 -9909.

  • Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring smart financial decision making in young adults. CARE’s program seeks to prepare high school students to manage their personal finances so they can begin adulthood with fewer immediate limits on their future success. It is designed to coach students on how to responsibly use credit and other financial services.
  • The Council is partnering with Celebrity Cruise lines to introduce students to careers in 12 areas of the Cruise Industry. Teams of three (principal, staff member, and student) and a Council coach will participate in a Career LeaderSHIP Forum and develop a customized plan to bring this information back to their individual schools. The team will participate in a series of four sessions, one of which will be on a cruise ship.

New Executive PASS Partnerships in Miami-Dade

  • Jose De Diego Middle – Principal Dr. April Thompson-Williams with Business Partner Marielys Rosado Barreras, Gerson Preston & Co., P.A.;
  • Henry M. Flagler Elementary – Principal Zuly Lamazares with Business Partner Beatriz Martinez-Penalver, Triumph Steps;
  • North Glade Elementary- continuing partnership with new Principal Ann Lewis and Business Partner Bernard Cottle, WPBT- Channel 2 So. FL PBS;
  • Eneida M. Hartner Elementary – Principal Dr. Derick McKoy; with Business Partner Brandon Okpalobi, Dibia DREAM, Inc.;
  • Agenoria S. Paschal/Olinda Elementary - Principal Jennifer Savigne with Business Partner Hillary Kessler, MassMutual;
  • Young Women’s Preparatory Academy – Principal Connie Martinez with Business Partner Carrie Baron, Gerson Preston & Co., P.A.

Dates to Remember
Sep 14 – CARE Presentation for Executive PASS Principals, Miami
Sep 27 – Celebrity Cruise LeaderSHIP Forum Inaugural Session, Miami


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