October 2013 Update

October 2013


  • The staff at Monroe Middle is doing an incredible job of implementing the STEM activities that they learned at the Helios Foundation sponsored academy this summer. Misusu Bondoc and Janet Steuart hit the ground running. The first meeting of pre-planning for the science and math teachers was a math and science collaboration on the Egg Drop Project. All the teachers were very excited to start weaving STEM lessons into their curriculum after participating in an Egg Drop competition. The STEM engine rolled forward and students joined classes the first week of school and teamed together on a Play-Doh animal project. A big shout out goes to Ms. Bondoc. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the STEM project is contagious. Monroe is STEaMing forward.
  • The new Interim President of Miami-Dade College – North Campus and West Campus is Malou Harrison. She has been an outstanding supporter of the Council, and the Executive PASS© partner with Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy.
  • Congratulations to Leonore Annenberg Scholarship winner Isabelle Tersio. Isabelle has been presented with an AP Scholar with Distinction Award in “recognition of exemplary college-level achievement” on Advanced Placement Program examinations. Isabelle was recognized for receiving her $250,000 scholarship by the Palm Beach County School Board at their meeting on September 18th. In attendance at the meeting were Council Board Member, Ned Shandloff and Executive President & Director, Dr. Elaine Liftin.

Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children Grants:

  • At Charles R. Drew Elementary in Broward, Principal Angeline Flowers and her staff have used the science theme of their magnet program as the focus of their efforts to improve all of the STEM areas. They utilized their funds to infuse science and technology in all areas, and have purchased additional science books for classrooms as well as the media center.
  • Principal Prudence Mingo at Bel-Aire Elementary and her staff are celebrating their initiative which incorporates reading enhancement into the science program through the use of technology. Funding is being used to enhance their science lab and purchase state-of-the-art technology.
  • Reading has taken on a new look at Lockhart Elementary School in Tampa. Students are reading on their new Nook e-readers all around the building. As a part of the school’s literacy project, the staff has created Literacy Zones in a number of areas on campus. Students can use the readers in these areas during class time as well as during enrichment activities. Principal Lynn Roberts and her staff are to be commended for their innovative approach.

 PASS© and Executive PASS©:

  • Continuing Miami-Dade Executive PASS partnerships: Colonial Drive Elementary – new principal Laura Tennant and business partner Diane Hickman of Learning for Life; Holmes Elementary – new principal Dr. Yvonne Perry and business partner Karen Fryd of South Florida Youth Foundation; Earlington Heights Elementary – new principal Linette Tellez and business partner Adam Vega of Mass Mutual Financial Group; Greenglade Elementary – principal Dr. Maria Tercilla and new business partner Peter Jude of Kendall Regional Medical Center.
  • New Miami-Dade Executive PASS partnerships: Broadmoor Elementary – principal Linda Klein and business partner Juan Cruz of Burger King; Phillis Wheatley Elementary – principal Cathy Williams and partner Favio Taborda of Mass Mutual Financial Group; Earlington Heights Elementary – principal Linette Tellez and business partner Wendy Johnson of Miami Children’s Hospital.
  • Save the Date – October 24 is the first Executive PASS networking session. The event will be held at the offices of Art Noriega, CEO of Miami Parking Authority, and Executive PASS business partner for Miami Northwestern Senior High.
  • Monroe Middle in Hillsborough is actively involved in the Helios STEM project. The STEM team incorporated what they learned at the August training in to the opening of school staff development, and also utilized activities such as the egg drop in their instructional activities. Principal Ken Hart, business partner Tony Buntyn, and PASS Coach Lynn Wade are excited about the progress the school has made.

The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay is a non-profit, tax exempt organization that administers funds established by individuals, corporations, private foundations, and non-profit organizations to support the charitable needs of the Tampa Bay area. The Foundation was incorporated in 1989. For over ten years, the Foundation has been a tremendous supporter and partner of the Council for Educational Change.

Recently, Marlene Spalten, President and CEO of the Foundation, was interviewed regarding the wonderful things that are happening at James Monroe Middle School. The grants committee of the Foundation invested $50,000 to support the PASS model at Monroe Middle, which has been termed Operation MacDill. Listen by clicking on the link: http://wusfnews.wusf.usf.edu/post/operation-macdill-enlisting-help-monroe-middle-school.

Over the years, thousands of students have had enhanced educational opportunities through the Foundation’s assistance with the sponsorship of the PASS program. Donors have utilized the Foundation as a vehicle through with to fund educational improvement projects. Donated funds are matched through the Council’s legislative appropriation. The PASS program is executed over three years, and has been implemented at the following Tampa Bay area schools:

  • Cypress Creek Elementary
  • Leto High School
  • Gibsonton Elementary
  • Gulfside Elementary
  • Palm River Elementary
  • Oak Park Elementary

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