Sue Miller

Sue Miller is a Board Member and Chair of the Council for Educational Change’s Educational Advancement Committee.  Her volunteer duties focus on these major activities:

*enlisting and engaging donor/partner support and funds for the Council’s work
*visioning and developing programs that serve Florida educators and students

When Sue joined the Board of the Council for Educational Change, she did it for two important reasons—her husband’s legacy and the students of Florida.  She wanted to continue the work of her late husband, Leonard Miller.  Len founded the Council as the successor organization to the $100 million South Florida Annenberg Challenge which he led for 7 years. Many innovations and programs from the Challenge still serve schools and students today, but so much more was needed. The second reason, which has defined her work, was the children.  Sue believes that if every child can get a quality education, every child can succeed. Leadership was identified from the extensive Challenge and Council work as the key to unlocking a school and student’s potential. The development of quality school leaders, including the infusing of business leadership best practices, is a hallmark Council feature.