Mayors, Business Executives, Districts and the Council Join Forces

Take a look at three dynamic Mayors who encourage collaborations and rally partners to help schools and districts improve education and increase student success.  The Council is proud to work with them and honored that they promote our programs and models. Each of these initiatives is unique, but at the core, are all based on business leader involvement—Council executive partnership models and programs.

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker & Pinellas District

Mayor Baker is relentless in pursuing educational opportunities for St. Petersburg area students, including partnerships for all St. Petersburg schools that support the Pinellas district’s school improvement efforts.  After hearing of Mayor Baker’s work and vision, the Council invited him to be a special guest at a Council Board meeting. Before long, Council Chair Steve Saiontz, Council President & Executive Director Dr. Elaine Liftin and Mayor Baker developed a municipal PASS program.  The Mayor committed to recruit CEO’s for area PASS models, as well as lend support from his office.  In short order, Mayor Baker lined up CEO’s and community groups who were excited to sign on as PASS corporate mentors and work at the local schools.  There are now 7 current PASS models at St. Petersburg schools, thanks to Mayor Baker.

Miami Mayor Manny Diaz & Miami-Dade District

Mayor Manny Diaz at Holmes Elementary PASS LaunchMayor Diaz is always seeking proven programs and new partners to support the school improvement efforts of district and school instructional leaders. The Council’s PASS and Executive PASS partnerships caught his attention based on their track record and the caliber of the business leader partners who participate and support the work.  The Council has a successful history of both PASS and Executive PASS partnerships in Miami-Dade with Superintendent Rudy Crew.  Now Mayor Diaz is an active Council program supporter--tapping local business leaders to engage in Council executive partnerships. He has hosted and attended a number of meetings to recruit business leaders and met with great success.  There are currently 14 Executive PASS and three current PASS models serving students and schools in the City of Miami.

Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina & Miami-Dade District

Mayor Robaina fosters a culture of community and family at the Hialeah schools he supports, working with the Council and the Miami-Dade school district.  Enhancing and initiating efforts to improve student success is a priority and hallmark of his administration.  He works with the Council to engage new PASS partnerships, recruiting new executive partners and supporting existing partners. He has helped develop two new PASS partnerships in Hialeah. The Council’s PASS is part of his official education agenda. Under his leadership, Executive PASS has scaled-up to six current partnerships in Hialeah.  He takes an active role in supporting the Council executive partnerships at Hialeah schools.  He works closely with Council Board members and PASS CEO Jeffrey Miller, who sponsors two PASS models at Hialeah Elementary. Mayor Robaina works constantly to engage community support for Hialeah schools, their improvement goals, and to foster pride and spirit.

To learn how you can get involved, please call the Council for Educational Change, 954.727.9909