Lawyers' Alliance


The Lawyers’ Alliance is a group of attorneys serving the community under the umbrella of the Council for Educational Change.  Attorneys donate their time, expertise, and resources by engaging with schools as guest speakers, or taking students to court visits, mentoring educators, and sponsoring Law Clubs and debate teams.

Why a Law Firm

  • Lawyers lead by example. Lawyers are business executives with a unique perspective.  They are knowledgeable about the law as well as the management of a business.
  • The nature of their profession allows lawyers to interact with the real world.  They see the human and economic impact of not having an education.
  • Lawyers can promote the value of education as a deterrent to crime.

Katerina I. Barquet
Foley & Lardner, LLP

Leon A. Brunet
Law Office of Leon A. Brunet

Diana Castiov
Wargo & French, LLP

Ana Diaz Cordero
Law Office of Ana Diaz Cordero

Alan K. Fertel
Weiss Serota

How Does the Firm Benefit

  • Lawyers will have the opportunity to work directly with students in the classroom.  Their legal and business knowledge can enhance the education of students.
  • As business executives, they will have the opportunity to mentor a school leader.
  • By improving the quality of education, new businesses will be attracted to the community. Businesses locate in areas where there are good schools that provide a prepared workforce.
  • A community engaged law firm will have exposure and visibility.
  • Lawyers can improve the quality of education.  With your firm’s charitable gift, you provide opportunities that would not otherwise exist.

Wendy Glantz

Jonathan Goldstein
David B. Haber, PA

David Haber
David B. Haber, PA

Lori Hartglass (Council Board Member)
Arnstein & Lehr, LLP

Terrance Hill
Goldstein Law Group

Ivan Las Heras
White & Case

Rossana Navarro
David B. Haber, PA

Your Role

  • Become a partner with a school, bringing knowledge and resources directly to public school students.
  • Relate your academic challenges to encourage at risk students.
  • Promote the value of education to youths.
  • Share your unique perspective and experiences with school leaders.
  • Take action… engage students in real life settings.
  • Mentor educators in legal clubs, moot court, debate teams.

Anabel Nemrow

Rebecca Newman
David B. Haber, PA

Aileen Ortega
Larrea & Ortega

David T. Podein
David B. Haber, PA

Amelia Rendeiro
Wargo & French, LLP

Sonia Roca
Lopez & Roca PA

Our Goals

  • Liaison connecting business executives with schools.
  • Provide law firms community exposure opportunities.
  • Support public schools with programs that enhance education.
  • Link financial resources to challenged schools that can provide: technology, equipment, leadership training, mentorship, parental involvement, and community outreach.

Juan J. Rodriguez
Carey Rodriguez, LLP

Randy Sidlosca
Arnstein & Lehr, LLP

Franchesco Soto
David B. Haber, PA

Randy Weber
Weber Law Firm 



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