Executive PASS Leader-to-Leader Partnership

Partnership Develops Selfless and Savy Student Entrepreneurs

Carlos Artime and Eddy Barea are leaders in their own right, partners by choice, and now they are friends.

Carlos Artime is the Principal of Barbara Goleman High School in Miami-Dade.  Eddy Barea is the Chairman and CEO of Uniform Authority in Miami.  Eddy was tapped by Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina to be an Executive PASS business partner in the Council’s model, part of the Mayor’s initiative to support quality education.

“Talk about the right place, right time, right person and the right program,” says Barea.  “I wanted to get involved and help students and schools...there is nothing more worthy and more needed. But I also wanted to share what I have learned.  Executive PASS lets me do that, and more.”

Principal Artime believes that partnerships are an extraordinary value added to education and schools.  His experience with Mr. Barea and Executive PASS has reinforced this conviction. “We have to open our doors and our minds to new ideas and partners to help us see and stretch further,” says Principal Artime.  “Our students must be prepared, ready, skilled and globally competitive after high school.  Who better than a successful business leader to help us excel?”

The partnership started in the 2007-2008 year.  Principal Artime wanted to help his graduating students defray some of the mounting costs of higher education, and not give up the dream because of money, after working so hard.  That resonated with the hard-working Barea who runs a family-oriented business and has children who help.  Why not, came the brainstorm, teach students how to run a business—marketing, inventory, customer service, accounting, etc.?  And the proceeds would go to a scholarship fund for students.

Mr. Barea worked with teacher Kelly Zaher to develop a Business Academy curriculum and applied experiences for the students, selling uniforms.  From February-May, Mr. Barea and Principal Artime met weekly, if not more, to track the plan.  In addition to the invaluable business experience gained by the students, they raised $27,000 for scholarships for deserving students.

Mr. Barea is continuing the Executive PASS model and activities with Principal Artime for the upcoming 2008-2009 school year.  And more.  He has now taken on a second Executive PASS partnership at Jose Marti Middle school with Principal Jose Enriquez.  “It’s working.  It’s personally rewarding.  It’s fun,” he says.  “Executive PASS has my highest recommendation.”


For more information and to find out how you can support Executive PASS, or other Council work, please contact Council President and Executive Director, Dr. Elaine Liftin at 954.727.9909 or email liftinela@aol.com or Executive PASS Coordinator Boots Richards, bootsr@bellsouth.net.