Education is Key!!!

We invite you to become

one of our Difference Makers in Education

of the Council for Educational Change

$1,000.00 is all it takes to become a member of the Difference Makers in Education. Your participation will allow us to continue delivering programs with a track record of success to students statewide.

Council programs develop business and education partnerships, empower school-based leaders, and retain new and beginning teachers at underperforming schools in challenged neighborhoods.
The goal…
increased student academic achievement.

You will receive a Tribute Certificate as well as a personalized Difference Makers in Education Certificate that you can proudly display as a member of individuals that make a difference in education.  You will also be recognized in the Council for Educational Change Monthly Update and a Difference Makers in Education Special Edition, as well as special mention on our website. The first 200 participants were recognized in a Difference Makers in Education Tribute during a session in the Senate. 

To make your gift that makes a Difference in Education
Please mail your $1,000 check to:
3265 Meridian Parkway, Suite 130, Weston FL 33331
For Credit Card gifts please call 954-727-9909 and ask for Sal or Alina

Click here for more information on Council programs.


  Thank You!!!


   from the 1,250,000+ students
   that have benefitted from
   Council programs statewide…