change from within…engage from without…do it together

Hialeah Elementary, Miami-Dade Principal: Carolina Navieras CEO: Jeffrey Miller, President, Weeks Gas

Carmen likes to talk about her school.

She is 8 years old and full of fun, dreams and expectations. Her father attended Hialeah Elementary, as do or did her 6 brothers and sisters. Carmen is proud of Hialeah Elementary and especially proud that her mother attends the school’s PASS Parent Academy. Her mother goes regularly to learn English and to better help Carmen with her homework, which they now do together every day. The Academy was funded and developed by PASS CEO Jeffrey Miller who donated $100,000 in addition to the $100,000 for the traditional PASS he sponsors. “Of course I know Mr. Miller,” Carmen responds when asked. “We all do. He is at our school all the time and he loves us.” She continues proudly, “he gave me awards for good attendance and excellent work.”

Jeffrey Miller and his Weeks Gas team who volunteer at the school have made learning and student achievement a family affair, uniting the parents and community in helping students succeed and improving adult skills as well. Through PASS, Jeffrey has also sponsored a state-of-the-art computer lab for students to improve their achievement using academic and FCAT prep programs. The computer lab is also designed to help parents. It attracts parents interested in improving their technology skills and in the programs that help parents support their children’s academic success. Jeffrey sponsors awards celebrations for improved student attendance, behavior and academic achievement. PASS also provides incentives and rewards for high performance of teachers and staff.

The results? Improved attendance. Decreased discipline referrals. Increased parent involvement and skills. Student performance data analysis. Additional school partners. School pride. Achievement gains. Through Jeffrey’s holistic approach, PASS has extended its reach to the school and community, uniting them to achieve success together—Carmen, Mom, and hundreds of others.