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Boyd Anderson High, Broward Principals: Joyce C. Ferguson, Rayfield C. Henderson CEO: Steve Wasserman, Partner, Colliers Abood Wood-Fay

PASS CEO Steve Wasserman’s son is in the International Baccalaureate Program at Boyd--an incredible opportunity. Steve believes that every Boyd student deserves incredible opportunities. The school faces many challenges. It has a significant free and reduced lunch student population and is located in a blighted community. It received an F grade this year and C and D prior years.

The more help is needed, the more reason to help, Wasserman believes. He launched a successful community-wide campaign to recruit sponsors for a Boyd PASS partnership and involved alumni. The program was kicked-off in November ’06 and is in full swing, moving the school forward and bringing the diverse student population together.

“Steve is a dynamo,” observes Boyd PASS coach Dr. Pat Dixon. “He brings a bottom-line business perspective and a passion to help students be successful. I don’t think a day goes by that he isn’t working to make Boyd better.” He recently received a prestigious award from Colliers for his community service and educational improvement work at Boyd.

PASS activities focus on student leadership, helping students develop skills and serve as role models. Successful senior students mentor younger students. As a result, there is a more positive and conducive learning environment. Academic success is prioritized with an emphasis on student performance data analysis and faculty development.