August 2014 Update

August 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Executive PASS in Miami-Dade
Executive PASS continues to thrive in Miami-Dade County.  Now with more than ninety partnerships throughout the county, the partnerships and the Council are looking forward to the 2014-2015 school year.  Many challenges remain but together principals and business partners will achieve continued growth.

The Executive PASS program model pairs a principal with a business partner.  Its prime purpose is to develop an executive partnership that results in the improvement of the academic performance of students.  Research has shown that effective business practices include building a collective vision; using data-based decision making; utilizing incentives and rewards; developing a culture of “can do”; involving and informing parents/community members; and celebrating successes can be readily applied to schools.

Engaging the business community in the business of education strengthens local communities and creates a culture of change.  Business executives have a wealth of management skills that are transferable to managing an educational institution.  With the assistance of a program coordinator, the team works together to focus on school goals to improve student success.  This collaboration results in making a difference for a school community/family.
Among the variety of strategies employed by the partnerships the following have been strengthened:

  • Internships
  • Incentives for students and staff
  • Participation in EESAC, Open House, Career Days, Science Nights, etc.
  • Seminars for staff, students, and parents on financial literacy
  • E-mentoring program with students and business community
  • Increase in involvement of parents in PTA membership, student conferences, FCAT nights, etc.
  • Expanded dual enrollment and earned college credits
  • Organized academic field trips, career and college workshops
  • Emphasis on STEM fields by community members

Participation of the business community has a direct impact on student achievement.  The schools of Miami-Dade County welcome their involvement!

Update on Council Programs…
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Statewide Sponsors: Raymond James Financial and Publix Super Markets Charities

Franklin Middle School Principal John Haley, his staff, and his business partner Charles B. Blumenkamp, Council for Educational Change Board Chair, are delighted because:

  • Improved the school’s letter grade from a “B” to an “A”
  • 55% of the students scored proficient in Reading
  • 59 % of the students scored proficient in Mathematics
  • 53% of the students scored proficient in Science
  • 71% of students in the Lowest quartile made learning gains in Reading
  • 69% of students in the Lowest quartile made learning gains in Mathematics

Congratulations to Principal Ken Hart, the staff at Monroe Middle in Tampa, and their business partners Scott Ulvi, President and CEO of Triumph Enterprises, and the Friends of MacDill Air Force Base for:

  • Improved 4 percentage points in Reading
  • Improved 9 percentage points in Mathematics
  • Improved 24 percentage points in Writing
  • Improved the school’s letter grade from a “C” to a “B”

Summer Internship Students Speak...
“I participated in the Boyd Anderson Summer Internship Program June 23 – July 3, 2014. My experience was wonderful. It gave us an opportunity to explore different career choices. It taught us to chase our dreams. I hope we can do this program next year. It taught us about a lot of varieties other than just attending college to become a doctor or lawyer. This program inspired me and I hope it inspired others as well.”
 – Lauderdale Lakes Middle 7th Grader, Altavise Davis

“These past two weeks have been mind altering. Not only did I learn about different careers, but I had the chance to experience it first-hand. I also learned how to put different skills to use and that first impressions are everything. I wish I could have experienced this program way before my senior year began. I most definitely believe they should continue to implement this program. I can’t thank Mr. Wasserman enough.” – Boyd Anderson High Senior Janee Gresham

Annenberg Funds Improve Student Achievement…
For the 2013 – 2014 school year, the Leonore Annenberg School Fund for Children funded projects of $50,000 for schools in Florida. These schools were nominated by the Council for Educational Change. In each of the schools, there were significant improvements in student achievement.

Bel-Aire Elementary (Miami-Dade) – Principal Prudence Mingo - Project: Full resource science and technology lab including interactive Tekboards, digital microscopes and balances, STEM library sets for classrooms, Time for Kids subscriptions, Scholastic library sets, and a vegetable garden and green house

  • Reading achievement improved 10% in grades four and five
  • Overall reading proficiency increased from 34% to 43%
  • Percentage of students making learning gains in reading improved from 58% to 68%
  • 70% of the students in lowest quartile made learning gains
  • Math proficiency increased from 51% to 55%
  • Writing proficiency (grade four) increased from 58% to 69%
  • Science proficiency (grade five) increased 2%

Charles R. Drew Elementary (Broward) – Principal Angeline Flowers– Project: Books on CDs, informational trade books, accelerated reader books, Interactive Ebooks, USB data storage, Tekboards, and upgrades to the media center in support of the school’s math and science literacy initiative

  • Percentage of students making learning gains in reading improved from 49% to 68%
  • 88% of the students in lowest quartile made learning gains in reading
  • Percentage of students making learning gains in mathematics improved from 44% to 65%
  • 69% of the students in lowest quartile made learning gains in mathematics
  • Science proficiency (grade five) increased 5%, with one student receiving a perfect score
  • School’s grade improved from and “F” to a “C”

Lockhart Elementary (Hillsborough) – Principal Lynn Roberts – Project: Books and devices for the creation of reading pods for children - called the Leonore Annenberg Children’s Project

  • First grade students’ probability of success increased from 56% to 64%
  • Second grade students’ probability of success increased from 33% to 78%
  • First grade students’ vocabulary median score increased from 56% to 64%
  • First grade students’ reading target passage increased from 36% to 59%
  • Third grade students’ reading comprehension proficiency increased from 40 % to 43%
  • Fourth grade students’ FCAT probability of success increased from 28% to 49%

Leonard Miller Principal Leadership Award
Applications are now being accepted for this prestigious award from principals who have participated in a Council for Educational Change program. Visit our website, to download the application form.


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